Out of thousands of ideas,
only a few hit the mark.

We will deliver your work to television, streaming and other platforms. The future is now!

This is What We Do

Proven Entertainment has a dedicated staff and has the ability and resources to distribute directly to platforms across the globe, such as; Network Television, Amazon Prime, Hulu, Vimeo On Demand, HBO, IFC, Sundance, TCM, Cozi TV, Me TV, broadcast networks and Roku as well as dozens of other major international platforms. With us you can manage your content and create revenue as well as get exposure all over the world. Your film can now be seen anywhere and everywhere with Proven Entertainment.

Programs We Have Worked On

Who We Pitch To.

Our partners have sold, produced and worked on many popular programs including Rowan and Martins Laugh In, Conversations With Neale, Tattoo Turnaround and The Last Adventure. We have a full time team of producers, designers, distributors, editors and web experts as well as top marketing geniuses. Proven Entertainment offers everything needed to get your finished product in front of the networks. Services range from simply hearing a pitch and sharing ideas on how to market and sell the concepts, all the way through, to creating one sheets and getting distribution using our Rolodex of decision makers to pitch the shows and sell them to the global platforms. We only take on concepts that we believe we will be able to sell.

Our service is to get you global distribution. It’s that simple. Once we move forward we begin the process of letting the markets evaluate your content and we wait for them to make their selections.  Once an outlet, such as Amazon Prime, picks up your film we will deliver the content and send reports to track viewership and revenue.

About Us.

Our partners have been in the entertainment business for 40+ years. We know that filmmakers create content to be seen. This remains one of the biggest hurdles, getting distribution, but with the changing market and consumers no longer imprisoned by cable companies, we have a proven concept to get eyes on your content and make money doing it. Proven Entertainment has the connections and the experience to help you get seen.

The Proven Partners have a very strong relationship with major networks as well as companies like Amazon Prime, Hulu, Roku, Netflix, Vimeo On Demand and dozens of other international platforms. Our simple goal is to help you be seen so we can both earn revenue. Our track record is proven.


How we work flows effortlessly.  We present your film using tools such as a professional one-sheets, sizzle reels and the content in its entirety. To work with Proven Entertainment you must have completed content.  We work hard to find all the locations your content can be placed.